Jamaica Birding

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Redbilled Streamtail
25 August 2014
Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo 1 flew  into the canopy above us at Niagara and was calling loudly. Great views

17 August 2014
Chuck-Wills-Widow seen flying in a valley below Silver Hill Gap.

17 August 2014
A good number of Black Swifts at dusk near Section in the Blue Mountains.

Jamaica has more endemics than any other island in the Caribbean. It offers excellent birding and a warm tropical climate year round. In all, we have more than 305 species including a large number of winter visitors, transients and vagrants that can be observed depending on the season.

In winter, through migration, we nearly double the number of species in Jamaica. These migrants can arrive in August and remain here until May. For birders from North America, it is a good opportunity to see species that do not occur in their home territory. Whilst for our guests from Europe and other continents, the winter season is an ideal time to visit and to catch the mainly North American influx. Many of the species that come at this time add to our own resident populations.

In spring, we have a few species that migrate or visit to breed here. (Black Whiskered Vireo Vireo altloquus, Caribbean Martin Progne dominicensis, Antillean Night Hawk Chordeiles gundlachii, White-tailed Tropic Bird Phaethon lepturus.

Why not visit soon and see some of our amazing birds?

6 day birding tour in Portland and Western Jamaica

6 day birding tour in Western Jamaica


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