Jamaica Birding

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Wolde, is highly entertaining and great fun to be with and totally in love with Jamaica. He has an excellent knowledge of endemic birds in Jamaica and can where they can be found. He is dedicated to protecting and promoting the marine and terrestrial environment with particular emphasis at Bluefields on the South Coast. Here he has actively encouraged a wide range of other groups and organisations to become involved in conservation projects in local coastal and wetlands areas. He has also worked closely with the Government and local fishermen to establish a Fish Sanctuary in Bluefields Bay. In April 2009 Wolde won the prestigious Jamaica Tourist Board, “Tourism Service Excellence Award” for the South Coast Resort Area. He also received a national award for his company for Training Excellence. In addition to his birding skills, he has a keen interest in local archaeology and history and has participated in a number of digs for Taino artifacts. If you are really lucky, he may give you a demonstration of his African drumming skills!

Deceita loves to share her corner of Jamaica and its superb birding with our visitors and loves meeting people. She has a great love of all aspects of natural history with a special fondness for birds. She knows just where to find them on her extensive patch of the island. She studied farming at Knockalva Agricultural School and will just as readily enjoy talking with you about folklore and Jamaican history or point out fascinating plants in the forests. She is well versed in herbal remedies for a wide range of common ailments and will demonstrate how to collect and prepare herbal teas. Deceita is a very active Secretary to Bluefields Bay Fishermens Friendly Society and is one of the main drivers in their successful fish conservation programme.

Veda lives, eats, sleeps and dreams birds. Day and night she is on the case – even in church she is watching to see if one will fly into the building. She is fun to be with and will spot the birds with ease and give their common and local names and recollect many stories about them. Without doubt, her favorite bird is the Northern Potoo which with its superb camouflage seems to play hide-and- seek at its day time roost with even the most observant visitor. She will enjoy teasing you to see the large elusive bird right in front of you. You will be amazed. Whether at Bluefields, Catadupa, or in the remote wilderness of the Cockpit Country she will be the first to get you ‘on the bird’! Veda is a key leader of the Bluefields Peoples’ Community Association anti-litter eco initiative to educate and keep Bluefields and its environs in pristine condition.

Vaughan is a keen naturalist and ornithologist. He enjoys making sure that visitors get to the hottest birding spots to ensure they have the best possible birding holiday on the island. Over the years, he has helped put western Jamaica back on the map as a one of Jamaica’s “must visit” birding areas for international visitors wanting to find our endemics. He has an extensive knowledge and records of species that can be observed
in the region. He is an Executive Member of Bird Life Jamaica with more than 30 years of experience in Jamaican ornithology. He is editor of, “The Broadsheet’, the long established and highly respected, Bird Journal for Jamaica. He also has contributed a wealth of data and drafted the sections on Bluefields and Black River IBA’s for the 2008 publication, “Important Bird Areas in The Caribbean,” the BirdLife International book on Caribbean IBA’s. He is also provided information on western Jamaica for BirdLife International’s publication “Water Birds Conservation for the Americas.” He is a keen photographer with a particular is interest in photographing butterflies and has images of several species not previously photographed. He has planned and led walking expeditions in a number of locations including the Arctic of Northern Norway, Canada, Malaysia, as well as the mountains of Scotland and throughout Europe.