Jamaica Birding

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Bluefields Bay

Jamaican Endemics – 1 Day Tour
Bluefields is listed by BirdLife International as one of Jamaica’s globally Important Bird Areas (IBA). The thickly forested Bluefields Mountains rise from the sea to nearly 2,600ft and we are exceptionally fortunate to see a tremendous number of species of birds. Of the 28 Jamaican endemic species we have observed 20, plus a further 13 endemic sub-species.

Among the regular favourites on our tours are the: Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Becard, Jamaican Oriole, Jamaican Spindalis, Orangequit, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Elaenia, Jamaican Pewee, Olive-throated Parakeet, Northern Potoo, Rufous-tailed Flycatcher, Jamaican Woodpecker, Arrowhead Warbler and White-eyed Thrush, Red-billed Streamertail (our national bird), Vervain (second smallest bird in the world) and Mango Hummingbirds.

Our tours take place in the beautiful Bluefields Mountains – an area made famous by British, Victorian Naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, ‘The father of Jamaican Ornithology’ who stayed at Bluefields Great House from 1844 -1846.

Tour Price: US$95 per person including lunch. One person US$160 Transport from Montego Bay or Negril – available on request. A 10% government tax will be added to the total fee.