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Birding and Eco-tourism specialist, Reliable Adventures Jamaica was formed in 2003. It was born out of a passion for caring for the environment and a desire to create international awareness of our vast treasure house of endemic flora and fauna. Even today, new species of plant, snake and insect are being discovered here in the near inaccessible rugged interior of our tiny island.

Our well trained, friendly guides give top quality tours for experts and beginners alike. They have an intimate knowledge of the local area and its natural history – not just birds, also butterflies, plants and associated folklore.

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Our tours are licensed by Jamaica’s Tourism Product Development Company. But it’s the messages we constantly get from our visitors that tell the story:

My wife and I have just returned (Nov 2010) from a Jamaica vacation, which included our 3rd tour with this wonderful group. Wolde, Veda, Deceita and Vaughan are top-notch birders and considerate hosts. Their tours are well-planned, and they are highly skilled at finding birds, especially the endemic species. We have been very pleased with our experiences, and have booked a 4th tour for 2011.
Owen B, USA

In February 2010 we spent seven wonderful days in the company of Wolde, Vaughan, Deceita and Veda. In that time we saw all 28 of Jamaica’s endemic birds as well as several Greater Antillean endemics. They were always so punctual and so accommodating to our needs. Their birding skills were on a par with anything that we have seen in operation anywhere in the world. Not only were they experts in finding birds by call but their knowledge of the history and culture of Jamaica seemed almost limitless. The whole experience of being on their tour was truly outstanding.
Bob & Kathleen, Bedford, UK

I have just returned from a very successful trip to Jamaica where I was very lucky to see all 28/28 endemics. Whilst I realise that I was lucky with the weather and the birds the rest was purely down to the unstinting effort and knowledge of Vaughan and the team. It was birding with a smile on your face! In this day and age is there anything you want more!
Birdingpal Paul Gaffan, Suffolk, UK

Maria and I were both happy with the trip and the outstanding service. Wolde, Veda and Deceita were entertaining and fun to be with but at the same time business like, making sure everything was taken care of and everything we asked for was achieved. I know they really enjoy birding, but they put in some extra long days when they didn’t have to. They know the birds and where to find them and what they sound like.

Laurie K

I know Carol communicated to you our appreciation for all you did for us in Jamaica. But more than that we appreciate what you are doing for birdlife and conservation in that country—and the key we observe around the world is training and helping local people to see amidst their difficult and oft poverty struck lives–value in preserving local habitats both economically short term and spiritually long term.
Duncan H

I have been on several other professionally-led birding tours, including Dominican Republic and Peru, with established international birding tour companies. I particularly liked that it was local people leading the tour, not people who had traveled in from somewhere else.